A thumbs-up from the fox!

Debunker has received an email from a well-known Irish blogger, An Sionnach Fionn (Séamas Ó Sionnaigh). You can read his blog here:


The Sionnach has a far-ranging and very interesting blog which covers (among other things) aspects of the Irish language, Irish politics, the politics of minority languages internationally, and book, film and TV reviews. He sent a comment that he thought my post on The Sanas of Doo-wap was pretty awesome. This is very welcome, as I like his blog and have been reading it for years and it is nice to know that my efforts are appreciated. It also shows that people who are informed about the Irish language recognise that I am telling the truth and that Cassidy was a liar.

Anyway, check out the blog. And congratulations to the Sionnach on being nominated for several Irish Blog Awards this year!

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