Ed Mooney Photographs

In some ways, writing a blog like this is a fairly thankless task. Compared to the publicity that Cassidy enjoyed and the way that his ridiculous theories continue to be spread on the internet as if they were facts, this humble set of essays will probably never be read by more than a handful of people. However, it is nice to think that many of the people who do read and use this resource are able and intelligent people with inquiring minds. So it is nice to be given the thumbs-up by people who have something worthwhile to express .

This is the case with the photographer, Ed Mooney, who registered his approval of my A Post For Riadach. I checked out Ed Mooney’s blog and I can heartily recommend it. He specialises in beautiful and highly atmospheric pictures of the kind of places I love – ancient stone ruins, castles, churches and quiet country graveyards. Check it out, especially if you are fed up with the fake heritage provided by Daniel Cassidy and want to see somebody who is genuinely engaged in a quest to reveal the treasures of our past to the next generation.

You can find it here: http://edmooneyphoto.wordpress.com/

Check it out – you’ll be glad you did!

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