The Wizard Earl

As I have already said, Ed Mooney’s blog is well worth a visit and always full of beautiful images and great stories. Check it out!

Ed Mooney Photography

The following tales has been handed down through the ages from Lord Walter Fitzgerald and concerns a Garrett Oge or Gerald (the younger) Fitzgerald whom became the 11th Earl of Kildare and the sole male heir of the Kildare Geraldine’s at the age of twelve, after his half-brother, Silken Thomas, the tenth earl, was executed at Tyburn in 1537 with five of his uncles. Gerald spent the next few years on the run in Ireland under the protection of his Aunt, Lady Eleanor McCarthy. Eventually the young Earl had the opportunity to escape Ireland, where he received protection from Henry VIII and his assassins, by both Francis I of France and Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire. Gerald was said to have been educated at a monastery in Liège, and he spent some years in Italy with the Bishop of Verona, the Cardinal of Mantua, and the Duke…

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