The liar Daniel Cassidy, in his ridiculous trashfest How The Irish Invented Slang, claimed that hundreds of common English expressions derive from Irish. I find it difficult to understand how anyone with any sense would accept his claims when it is so totally obvious that most of them are baloney. This is an obvious and clear-cut example. Cassidy claimed that skip, as in ‘to skip bail’, is from the Irish word scaip. I suggest you take a look at the online Dictionary of Middle English provided free of charge by the University of Michigan (great resource, guys, thanks a million!) Here’s what their database has to say about the verb skippen:

“(a) To run, go, travel; hasten, hurry, rush; also, flee; also, run around busily [quot.: c1425 Mirror LM&W]; of lightning: dart, shoot; ~ bihinden, move into position behind someone; ~ forth, flee, escape; ~ oute, go out, rush out; also, flee; ~ over, go (into the assembly); also, forge ahead [quot.: WBible(2) Prov.]; (b) ?to attack; (c) ~ oute, of a bird: to hop out of a cage; skippinge oute, hopping out (of a cage); (d) to bounce; (e) of the spirit of the Lord: to enter (into sb.), descend (upon sb.); of strife: break out, arise; of venial sin: change (into deadly sin); ~ up, of the soul: ascend (into heaven); (f) to pass over or omit material in reading, or in the telling of a narrative; ~ over.”

So, by the early 15th century, the word skip already had the full range of meanings that the modern word skip has. As for Cassidy’s Irish candidate, scaip, it is defined by WinGléacht (the electronic version of Ó Dónaill’s Irish-English Dictionary) as:

“1. Scatter  2. Spread, disseminate 3. Dissipate 4. Disperse 5. Scaipigí! – Dismiss!”

Do you really think any of these sounds like a better match than the English word skip? 

There is an interesting phenomenon in the field of pseudoscience called True Believer Syndrome. This is when people continue to believe that a false claim is true, even when it has been convincingly and rationally demonstrated that the claim is false. There have even been cases where fake psychics have revealed that they are fakes and people have continued to believe in their mystical powers and claim that they are lying about being fakes!  In other words, I am sure that there are plenty of deluded or stupid people out there who will continue to believe in Cassidy’s trash, however many times people point out that he was a fraud. I can’t do much about this (the right of dickheads to hold forth on subjects they know nothing about is one of the big downsides of the digiverse) but on this blog I can at least provide accurate information about Cassidy’s lunatic theories for the benefit of people who aren’t either stupid or crazy.

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