The End is Nigh

When I started this blog, I intended that I would write about eighty articles and call it a day. Just enough to demonstrate that Daniel Cassidy is untrustworthy, at best a fool and at worst, a shameless liar. As I went on, I decided to add more and more. I am now heading towards 200 posts and I have decided that I will stop when I reach 200 and do something else with my spare time. I have spent far too much time already in the company of this odious charlatan and his crazy theories and I would rather do something a bit more creative.

As I have said before , I am proud of what I have done on this blog. Some people might regard me as a troll or a begrudger. I don’t see it that way. I have provided a resource which debunks Cassidy’s nonsense item by item, word by word. I am under no illusions about the limited impact that this blog has. Not many people have accessed the site. The views are in the low thousands and I have to accept that compared to the resources available to a charlatan like Cassidy and his well-placed cronies, I am never going to reach a wide audience. I still have hopes that someone in the field of linguistics or someone who is involved in debunking pseudoscience will discover the blog and recommend it to others. I don’t have much faith that any of Cassidy’s supporters will do the decent thing and publicly repudiate their hero.

However, even if the take-up remains a trickle rather than a flood, I really don’t mind. The truth about Cassidy’s ridiculous book and the evidence of his lies have been presented here. Anyone trying to find out about Daniel Cassidy and How The Irish Invented Slang will be able to find this blog on Google and they will be able to judge his intelligence and integrity and the intelligence and integrity of his supporters from that. That’s what I set out to do and I have done it. I will add another twenty or so words to the drossary, put another Hall of Shame up and then leave this blog to do its work in the years to come.

I will check it regularly to see if there has been any feedback and to see how the stats are doing.  But with a bit of luck, by January my work here will be done.

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