Hall of Shame 3


Just when you thought it was safe to surf on Google again, here comes another collection of people who were duped by The Great Fraud and who should really have known better – a damn sight better in some cases.

Brendan Patrick Keane published a simpering and sycophantic article in IrishCentral repeating many of Cassidy’s stupidities.  As Keane says: “A lot of what goes for true is really fake. We believe a lot of bunkum about our civilization …”  Yeah, well, you certainly do! If this is the best you can do, stick to the fiddle-playing and leave the thinking to people who can be arsed doing it properly.

Waldorf Enrichment is apparently some kind of educational resource. I am assuming that people pay for their children’s education to be ‘enriched’ with material such as fake information from Daniel Cassidy’s insane book. In fact, there is a massive lesson to be learned from studying How The Irish Invented Slang. Not a lesson about Irish but a lesson about fake sources, poor scholarship, checking the original material and generally being sceptical of people who are obviously crackpots and con-men. The only thing you can enrich with a pile of bullshit is a field full of turnips.

Michael Patrick MacDonald, Irish-American author, who has recommended Cassidy’s work in a number of places. Presumably he was returning the favour, as Cassidy seems to have dragged the word ‘ma’ into his crazy book for no other reason than to give a plug to MacDonald’s book. Elsewhere, he gushes “Who else asked these questions?” What questions, exactly? How can I make a heap of money from stupid people without doing any real work? How can I get lots of publicity without having any talent? Cassidy made up a load of crap and passed it off as fact. The questions don’t bother me. It’s the shoddy, crappy apologies for answers which make his book such a triumph of stupidity.

Liam Ó Cuinneagáin agus Oideas Gael. Anois, níor mhaith liom bheith ródhian ar Liam ná ar Oideas Gael. Déanann siad a lán rudaí maithe agus ní bheadh leisce ar bith ormsa an méid sin a admháil. Ach tá Gaeilge aigesean agus tá Gaeilge ag na daoine a mbíonn sé ag obair leo. Tá a fhios acu go rímhaith nach Gaeilge iad leithéidí sách úr agus béal ónna agus gruaim béil. Tuigim fosta go bhfuil siad ag iarraidh stocaireacht a dhéanamh ar son na Gaeilge agus ar son na Gaeltachta – ach ní hé seo an dóigh lena dhéanamh. Ba chaimiléir é Cassidy. Sin bun agus barr an scéil agus ní le leas na Gaeilge é tacaíocht a thabhairt do bhréagscoláirí mar Cassidy. (Liam Ó Cuinneagáin and Oideas Gael. Now, I don’t want to be too hard on Liam or on Oideas Gael. They do a lot of good things and I am more than happy to admit that. But he speaks Irish and the people he works with speak Irish. They know fine rightly that sách úr and béal ónna and gruaim béil aren’t Irish. I also understand that they are trying to drum up support for the Irish language and for the Gaeltacht – but this is not the way to do it. Cassidy was a con-man. That’s the long and the short of it and supporting a fake scholar like Cassidy is doing the Irish language no favours.)


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