A Quick Update

This is just by way of a general update. I am not planning to start blogging here again regularly, though I might try to put up a post here from time to time.

Firstly, the stats for the site have continued at a low but steady rate. We did have a peak in January when Cassidy’s nonsense was discussed on a forum for sceptics. They gave it fairly short shrift but one of them also happened on cassidyslangscam and put in a link. As a result of that, the blog got some of its highest ever figures.

Unfortunately, people continue to add positive comments to Amazon about Cassidy’s book. While some of these may be people who are a bit gullible and didn’t think to doubt the claims in his book, it seems clear that some of the people who have given positive reviews on Amazon and in other places are well aware of the dubious nature of Cassidy’s work and are essentially saying that they don’t care what all the experts think and that they think their opinion is as good as that of the professors in their ivory towers. The fact that someone spends decades acquiring a knowledge of language and the relationships between languages and the correct methodology for establishing links apparently counts for nothing to these arrogant stupid people.

So I will say it again. If you are a sceptic, then show your scepticism actively. We can’t stop foolish and unpleasant people from giving this book positive reviews but if enough decent, sensible people make a stand, we could certainly give it the negative reviews it deserves.

 However, on a more positive note, Wikipedia is now virtually free of Cassidese nonsense. One enthusiastic idiot had put dozens of Cassidy’s claims onto a page devoted to Irish-derived words in English but now, thanks to the hard work and good sense of Wikipedia volunteers, these stupid claims have been rejected and removed, along with many occasional references in individual articles like the articles on baloney, faro and jazz.

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