If These Knishes Could Talk!

I recently came across an article by Tom Deignan on IrishCentral about the documentary If These Knishes Could Talk by Heather Quinlan, which was only in production when the article was written in 2010. Tom Deignan, of course, is one of Cassidy’s Cronies, so it is no surprise that his mates Peter Quinn and Daniel Cassidy get a plug in the article.

Quinlan’s documentary is nothing less than a portrait of the famed Noo Yoik accent. In the article, it says that: “While shooting her film, Quinlan also came across the work of the late Irish language scholar Daniel Cassidy, who showed how the Irish language influenced New York slang. ‘It was mind-blowing,’ Quinlan said.”

So, I was expecting to find another piece of Cassidese nonsense when I logged onto Youtube to watch the documentary. I watched it from beginning to end and there is not a single reference to Daniel Cassidy or his nutty theories or his half-baked etymologies in the programme. The documentary is pleasant, interesting and well worth watching.

However, it does make me wonder. Why did Heather Quinlan decide to leave the Cassidese crap on the cutting-room floor? What was it that made her realise this toxic rubbish would ruin her documentary? And if Quinlan could spot the bullshit in Cassidy’s book, why couldn’t Zach Selwyn and Thaddeus Russell and all the rest of them?

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