Where’s Liam Hogan’s Twitter Feed?

This morning, I tried to log on to Liam Hogan’s Twitter feed at Limerick1914. Apparently, the account Limerick1914 no longer exists. I’m assuming that Liam Hogan himself hasn’t removed it. So where’s it gone?

Strangely, you can still log on to Twitter and find the account of ‘Bob’, with comments like this:

People tend to forget the Irish were slaves too. My ancestors were Irish and I’m not pissing and moaning.

But the best source for the genuine information seems to have been suspended. Nice one, Twitter! What a shower of useless arseholes …

2 thoughts on “Where’s Liam Hogan’s Twitter Feed?

  1. DebunkerOfCassidy Post author

    It seems to be back again now! Let’s hope it was just a temporary glitch and that I overreacted. However, there is so much fake information on line and we need to protect the legitimate sources of information. The temporary removal of Limerick1914 has made me even more acutely aware of that. As the Irish proverb goes, Ní chronaítear an t-uisce go dtriomaítear an tobar (You don’t miss the water until the well dries up.)

  2. DebunkerOfCassidy Post author

    I hope everyone in Limerick and Cork and the surrounding counties are OK. Hurricane Ophelia is approaching us in the Black North now but so far we’ve had nothing too bad here … 😦


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