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I have had very little time to contribute to Cassidyslangscam recently but I am not completely finished with the blog. There are a number of loose ends that I have not tied up yet and I intend to get them all done some time this year. Hopefully!

What kind of material will be included? Well, I would like to start (soon) with a brief article about an interesting Irish idiom (mún dreoilín san fharraige) and its links to similar idioms in other languages. Watch this space for that one!

I also plan to publish a review of the fascinating research of Barbara Freitag into the Sheila-na-gig, statues which are found on churches and castles in Ireland (and in other countries) of naked female figures displaying their genitalia. Are they pagan fertility symbols or Christian warnings against licentiousness? Where does the expression Sheila-na-gig come from and what are its origins in the Irish language? I hope to be able to provide some information on these questions and others here.

I would like to write a proper debunking of the abysmal ‘research’ of the Australian academic Dymphna Lonergan, originator of the notion that didgeridoo is derived from an Irish phrase, whose work is almost as amateurish and phoney as Cassidy’s.

And I would dearly love to have a go at a man called Bob Quinn and his ridiculous theories about the north African origins of the Irish. That has been on the cards for a long time but I would like to research it properly and do the subject justice (even if Quinn couldn’t be bothered doing that!)

In other words, I do plan to post here when I have the time to do so. I will also answer questions or comments when they warrant an answer. That is, when the comment or question is coherent and actually raises a sensible issue. Believe me, many of the comments I have had here are completely incoherent and absolutely not worth answering!

5 thoughts on “Coming up on CassidySlangScam

  1. Chris O'Regan

    Hey John
    Good to see you still at it!
    I would love to see anything on Joyce and the use of the Irish language in his writing. This was promoted by your comment on him and his use of Irish .
    He seemed to me more anti church and anti free state gvt than anything else and nothing to do with the language
    Thanks Chris

  2. Danielomastix Post author

    Hi Chris, Nice to hear from you! I have been reading a book recently which deals with Joyce’s attitude to Irish language and culture. You are entirely right about that. Joyce was much less hostile to Irish than many Irish begrudgers would like to think! I’ll add it to my list of posts and hopefully, I’ll get it done some time over the next few months. All the best! J

    1. Chris O'Regan

      Hey John
      Thanks for the reply
      What’s the name of the book about Joyce? Is it worth getting?
      Thanks in advance

  3. Danielomastix Post author

    Hi Chris, Sorry about the delay in replying here! I thought it was a really interesting book but it’s not specifically about Joyce. It’s called The Enigma of Arthur Griffith and it’s by Colum Kenny. Hope all is well there!

    1. Chris O'Regan

      Hey John
      No worries!
      Arthur Griffith is someone I have not really looked into –
      That is a specific biography,
      Thanks for the tip!
      All the best


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