This blog is about the book How The Irish Invented Slang by Daniel Cassidy. I became so annoyed at the way that this book is spreading lies and misinfomation about the Irish language that I decided to set up a blog to tell the truth about Daniel Cassidy and his ridiculous theories. I have covered a good proportion of the hundreds of words in Cassidy’s book, explaining why they are nonsense and pointing out his poor methodology and outright dishonesty. In the course of writing the blog, I was also tipped off by Cassidy’s sister that Cassidy failed to get his degree from Cornell, and this has been confirmed by the Registrar of that institution. This means that far from being a real Professor, Cassidy had no academic qualifications at all and was a total fraud. Unfortunately, Cassidy had a large number of friends who were credible academics and writers and these friends have supported this rubbish with positive reviews, so many gullible people have been fooled into thinking that there is some truth to Cassidy’s ideas.

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  1. Trinity

    I’ve never heard of Daniel Cassidy (here in Switzerland) though I lived over the water from you in Scotland for several years. But I like your attitude! 😉

  2. Debunker Post author

    There are so many people like yourself who provide interesting and accurate blogs on language for free and then you have people like Cassidy who provide complete rubbish, charge people for it and they’re the ones who get the mass readership! We’re obviously doing something wrong by doing the right thing … 🙂

  3. Just a reader

    Thank you very much for addressing the term “joint”. It was helpful and I managed to find instruction on Irish Gaelic to understand your assertion regarding plural form, etc. Thank you, it was very helpful to me.

    1. DebunkerOfCassidy Post author

      Oh, sorry Emma, somehow I seem to have missed this! Thanks very much! If it’s not too late I’ll certainly have a go. I’ll take a proper look at it now! Thanks again! 🙂

  4. Marconatrix

    Someone once said that if no one ever spoke until they were sure they knew what they were on about, a strange and eerie silence would envelop the world — lol!
    And the same is certainly true of some parts of the internet and even printed matter. So what on earth has this puir fella done to so get under your skin, as to keep you blogging agin him for literally years? Sorry, but I’m just puzzled …

  5. DebunkerOfCassidy Post author

    That’s a good quote, and appropriate in places, but as I said in a post a couple of days ago, the internet notion that nobody really knows anything and that the truth is vague and relative is dangerous. The fact is that this subhuman scumbag (I’m being kind here) was everything I despise. He was lazy, arrogant, manipulative, and used fraud and arse-licking as a way of succeeding without actually doing anything of any value. Quite the reverse, in fact. The fakeness that he invented is still all over the internet. And we have to remember here that I am a great lover of the Irish language and the Irish language is the victim of this man’s nonsense. The fact is, he doesn’t deserve anybody’s respect or admiration. And don’t forget that he got a job as a professor without any qualifications at all, though there is plenty of circumstantial evidence that he pretended to have degrees, which is clearly a criminal offence. People have ended up spending decades in gaol for stealing less! In other words, puir fella, my arse! Cassidy was an ignorant, corrupt, narcissistic fraud. Save your sympathy for people who deserve it. You wouldn’t be so kind if we were talking about Noel Edmonds, would you? 🙂

    1. Danielomastix Post author

      You and me both, Joseph! It’s an absolute bollocks of a book and I consider it an honour to have been in a position to inform people about its complete lack of value.


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