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Don’t take it from me!

One of the major reasons why I have undertaken this blog is because I don’t like charlatanism or pseudo-scholarship. I have been at pains to give a fair analysis of the facts here but people should be just as sceptical of me as they are of Cassidy. I believe firmly in basing arguments on facts. The facts are to be found in lots of sources and these days it is easy to check things free of charge and without any great effort.

You can check the Irish information using resources like this, an electronic version of Dinneen’s dictionary. However, I would advise you to be careful with it! I tried to find spioch using the search function but the word isn’t there. If you look at the original text (which you can do with this resource) you will find spioch on page 1099. Please note that the script is old-fashioned in Dinneen, which means that the h of modern Irish is usually written as a buailte, a little dot over the letter, so Gaelach will be written as Gaelac with a little dot over the c and spioch is written as spioc with a dot on the c (which is probably why Cassidy got it wrong, but as nearly all adjectives in Irish end in –ach and they all end in an ac with a dot in Dinneen, anyone with half a brain would work it out very quickly!) The lower-case s in this script looks like an r too, though the r has a curved hook and the s is like a pointed roof.

Anyway, here’s the link for Dinneen: 


You can find lots of modern dictionaries here, including Ó Dónaill:


PotaFocal is also a great resource for people who speak some Irish and want to know how a particular word is used:


If you are looking for older Irish, try using  eDIL:


There are also many English dictionary resources online, where you can see how selective and dishonest Cassidy was in his ‘research’. My favourite is probably the Online Etymology Dictionary:


And don’t forget the University of Michigan Middle English Dictionary:


So, there you are. You have no excuse. If you believe in what Cassidy says and doubt my word, log on to some of the dictionaries and try to prove me wrong. Please do! Because that’s what intelligent people do. They examine the facts carefully and try to arrive at the truth. Idiots like Cassidy try to construct a bogus argument by cherry-picking what suits them and lying about everything else, which is a waste of everybody’s time.