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Some Good News

I was looking at Amazon recently and I was heartened to see that Cassidy’s ridiculous book, How The Irish Invented Slang, is now placed at 819,713 in Books. This means that it is a long way down from where it was a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, I have not been keeping a record of Amazon sales for this book but I note that Stephen Pinker’s book The Language Instinct is at number 10,600, which is far ahead of Cassidy. Another heartening piece of information is that there are 66 used copies of the book available at prices as low as 29 cents, which suggests that the bottom has fallen out of the market. (Still 29 cents too much, but I’m not complaining!) With a bit of luck, commentators like myself are starting to get the message across that this book is not to be trusted and that recommending it to other people is simply announcing to the world that you are naïve, stupid or dishonest.